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HetaliaRadio/Forever/ Does not own any audio lyrics pictures & what not! Owned by Hidekaz Himaruya & Studio Deen.

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now to me...

i love hetalia. it is my favorite show. sometimes i am called wierd at school because i draw hetalia all the time, but i dont care. i am just me and me like to draw hetalia. i love china.he is my favotite he is so awesome. i listen to hetalia music a lot. i listen to hetalia character songs, marukaitechikyuus, hatafutte parades, OSTs, and hetaloids. i also listen to vocaloid everyone in a while. so.. now i dont know what to say. well, later! bye!

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Reply Hetalia-Lover-Zari
8:22 PM on March 2, 2013 
I could've told oyu that! After all you're username GIVE IT AWAY! IT SCRRRRREEEAAAAMS IT TO ME!
Reply thechinafan96
8:53 PM on February 26, 2013 
ya choshi wa do, o genki desu ka / hey girl whats up, how are you
Reply Hetalia-Lover-Zari
2:30 PM on February 26, 2013 
*As you can see, i don't mnid Russia due to I'mcreepy in weird and other ways.....trust me just deal with!*
Reply Hetalia-Lover-Zari
3:48 PM on February 25, 2013 
*Too laaate* Kolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolkolko
Reply Hetalia-Lover-Zari
8:08 PM on February 23, 2013 
No problemo. *Creepy aura*
Reply Hetalia-Lover-Zari
3:34 PM on February 19, 2013 
Dat's coooool
Reply Hetalia-Lover-Zari
8:37 PM on February 3, 2013 
"I see...I learned that I'm French Canadian....I'm also Irish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Cherokee Indian and Czechslovakian! What a Mixture, eh wot wot?"
Exclaims Aqua, the Admin.
Reply Hetalia-Lover-Zari
3:40 PM on January 29, 2013 
As Russia would say:
"Da, comrade!"
Reply Iceland
10:56 PM on January 27, 2013 
"Puffin wouldn't eat my country, and everyone would come to my home. That would mean more tourists."
Reply Iceland
9:06 PM on January 21, 2013 
"Good luck with that."
Reply Iceland
11:38 PM on January 20, 2013 
"It's going to take a lot more than that to get me to call Norway that."
Reply Iceland
7:07 PM on January 16, 2013 
Reply Iceland
6:17 PM on January 11, 2013 
[Yes I am a roleplayer.]
Reply Hetalia-Lover-Zari
1:45 PM on January 6, 2013 
But to you knopw what Bitte shurn means?
Reply Hetalia-Lover-Zari
2:41 PM on December 31, 2012 
Not quite new years where I lvie but Danke shurn mein friend!
Danke shurn if you didn't know means Thank you in German, my father taught me that.
Reply Sarabi (South Africa england's wife)
1:27 PM on December 31, 2012 
Reply thechinafan96
8:26 PM on December 25, 2012 
wish you luck :]
btw i said no
Reply TheNumberOneChinaFan
8:22 PM on December 25, 2012 
ur welcome! i'm about to start making levi. i had trouble w/ his arms, so wish me luck fixing them!
Reply thechinafan96
6:56 PM on December 25, 2012 
yeah i did its awesome!!! thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply TheNumberOneChinaFan
9:58 PM on December 24, 2012 
awesome! did u see the video of akizia singing world is mine i made because i made an mmd model of u